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The importance of communications work in the African diaspora (tradition of griots continues)

By hueglobal |   Posted on November 21, 2023

Who historically passed down the modes of operating in society through our diasporic communities? Who shed light on the “tea” we needed to know as means of survival?

The tradition of the griot in the African diaspora were roleplayers in this, whether on the frontlines or behind the scenes. Up to today, our griots who evolved in the spaces of movements and social change hold importance in the trajectory of culture and mobilization throughout the African diaspora.

Griots are our oral historians and storytellers who have kept our communities' histories and cultural traditions. They have been (and are) our masters of oral tradition, passing down historical accounts and cultural narratives through the transformative power of storytelling.

With changes in technology and spaces for sharing stories, the importance of maintaining this integral roleplayer in communities must be emphasized.

How do we provide digital safe-spaces for our griots in a time where any story can be told?

In communications, many of our movements require a safe space in order to organize and thrive. Our griots as historical intelligence and wisdom can continue to be accessed. As movement builders, we continuously examine the lens we are sharing our stories with each other.

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