HUE in the World

Changing our focus from reacting to crisis to creating the world we want to build

By hueglobal |   Posted on November 21, 2023

It is a new paradigm for our movements of social change and abolition work. The formulas required for actualizing change have shifted.

How do we remain clear on our collective’s pulse – and not in a state of response mode – in order to create the world that we want?

Within our communication world of expressing what we are moving towards in social change – we must know and focus on what we are creating. Taking into account the needs, the resources and available mechanisms in place within our communities who are engaged with that vision are fundamental.

We must dive deeper into our strategies of communicating the next highlighted tragedy and intersect the issue with the resolutions we will be empowered by.

How can you inspire this change in messaging in your organization?

Let the call and response to the masses be based on the transfer of information that changes what we have created as movement makers.

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